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Supporting yourJourney of Wellbeing

- Group Integrative Sound Healing Journeys

- Online Men's Community and Coaching



I'm Darragh Sheehy and I created this space to support people who are beginning or already on their conscious journey into self awareness, healing and expression. I offer 1:1 and group sessions in sound healing & bodywork an online men's community called Misneach and wellbeing coaching for men.

What Work Do I Offer?

Integrative Sound Healing Journeys

An immersive experience with supportive sounds & frequencies to create safety in your body that allows healing to happen.

Men's Wellbeing Coaching

Practical And Grounded Coaching That Gives You The Support, Resources And Tools To Empower You To Create The Wellbeing You Want As A Man.

Misneach: a Community for Men

Misneach is a community for men who want to go on an inner exploration to find who they are as men. It's for men who want to be supported deeply on this journey alongside other men.


Feeling More Confident And Self Empowered

More Grounded and Comfortable In Your Body

Developing Daily Discipline And Improved Mindset

Regulating Your Nervous System

Having More Headspace 

A More Resilient Body And Mind

Getting Clarity On What You Want In Life

Supportive Environment To Heal Trauma

Benefits Of The Work:

Feedback For This Work

"I wasn't sure what to expect going to a sound healing session with Darragh but I was intrigued. I can say with certainty that every person would benefit from going to him. He is professional, has a depth of knowledge and experience, and is highly skilled in what he does."

Sound Healing Client

Want To Ask Me Some Questions To Find Out If This Work Is For You?

Perfect...just click on the button below and ask any questions you have and I will reply asap.

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