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My name is Darragh Sheehy and here's a bit of the story that led me to create this page and the offerings here.

Who am I to support and guide you?

I'm the person who asked the big questions from an early age because as a child things didn't make sense and I spent a lifetime of observing people and situations so that I could "read" what was driving these behaviours and happenings.


My life is dedicated to learning and evolution, ever since I read my first self development books over 10 years ago I have been on a mission to understand what it means to be human but much more than that, what are we capable of doing when our heart, head and body is aligned.

Put simply, I am a man committed to expanding what it means to live a conscious life, in how I relate to myself, other people, nature and in my thoughts and actions.

I've sat in front of countless people who have struggled with their wellbeing and through asking effective questions, listening compassionately and attuning to subtle sense perception (reading between the lines) I can understand what holds us back from having what we want and more importantly what we can change in order to have what we want as a reality in our lives.


I've done the courses, read the books, went to seminars, travelled the world, helped thousands of people as a health professional, opened and closed businesses, navigated loss, done the healing ceremonies, worked with plant medicines, played and worked in elite sport and yet none of those words touch who I am.


What I can say honestly is in between all those words has been this powerful intention to know myself, above all else.


And it's from this place, this inner drive that I've dedicated my life to learning and not to having more knowledge but to apply it through action so that it becomes embodied as wisdom.


That's what I feel makes all the difference, learning something and applying it so that it's part of you, that's what I call evolution.


And in the work I do, everything is based on experiential learning like this, so that you can feel the difference or see the results from applying principles and using resources that work towards your goals.

If you are looking for someone who is compassionate and strong to guide and support you in your journey of growth then this is what I am here for.

What qualifications do I have?


> H Cert. Physiology and Health Science

> Bsc Physiotherapy

> Anatomy In Motion


> Restorative Breathing Practitioner

> Buteyko Breathing Practitioner

> Oxygen Advantage Instructor


> altMBA - Seth Godin

> Unleash The Power Within - Tony Robbins


> Energy Awareness Workshops - 2 yrs

> Voice Healing - Level 1

> Sound Medicine: Music And Trance Therapy -Sound Trance Institute 

> Mankind Project - Initiated

Aside from that I've done extensive other courses and seminars both on and offline and have been self directed in studies over the past 10 years.


Areas I am interested in and studying at the moment:

sound medicine, trauma healing and psychotherapy.

What experience do I have?

Worked with 1000s of people helping them navigate issues with their wellbeing and arrive at greater health and wellness.

Worked in professional sport in England for 3 years and played sport at a high level for most of my life.

Used what I learnt from my studies and experience to create a business at 26.


Navigated the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, including closing the doors of that business after 1 year of opening.

Travelled in over 25 countries (almost 18 months of travel) - the majority of this was solo travel and with a purpose (planning opening a business, planning closing a business, healing ceremonies, figuring out next steps etc.).

Consistently applied principles and knowledge from my studies to massively transform my own wellbeing (changing my habitual breathing through practise and discipline being one of the biggest positive changes in terms of mental function, sleep, physical fitness and developing resilience).


Created x2 successful podcasts interviewing top health and wellness professionals and also high performers and creatives to understand and learn from their journeys'.

 I know what it's like and what it takes to heal traumas and to feel the shift that comes in awareness when you navigate your  shadows and how much space that creates for freedom in life.

I do this work every single day, there's not a day that goes by where I don't do self work, even if it's conscious breathing, journaling or a walk. No matter what I am committed and focused on practices that cultivate a better relationship with me because to me that's what this is about.

I write all of this to give you a feel for who I am, so that you can get a sense of if I am someone who you would like to guide you on your own wellbeing journey.


If that's a yes, then get in touch with me and we will find a way to make this work.



Want to work with me?

Buddhist Singing Bowl

1:1 and Group Sound Healing Journeys 

Misneach: A community for men

Group of Friends
Rock Maze

Wellbeing Coaching For Men

Still Have Some Questions About This Work?

Perfect...just click on the button below and ask any questions you have and I will reply asap.

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