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Wellbeing Coaching For Men - Online

This is an intentional container for you to be supported in making the changes necessary for you to create a life of greater freedom.

It is grounded and practical in guiding you into deeper clarity and confidence about who you are as a man and where you are going.

Image by Ashley Batz

Why Work With Me?

That's probably the single most important question before you consider working with me or anyone for that matter.

If you haven't already checked out the page I created about my experience, qualifications and a little inside look at why I do this work then I recommend you check it out first here:

Now let me tell you something else, above all else I value truth, living in alignment with it and the search for it has been what's fueled my journey of personal growth and self awareness.

The question at the heart of that journey was, who am I as a man and how can I be a more conscious man and that question and the determination to answer has led me to helping other men do the same.

That's what this coaching is about, it's uncovering what's been previously buried, your gifts, the treasures you have that you didn't realise and then to use these to create positive transformation with your wellbeing, that's what I can help you to do.

My promise with this work is to show up fully present with the strongest intention to help you understand who you are and what resources you have so you can create the life you want.

That's a promise I fulfil for those who I work with, your first step to that experience is checking in to see if you feel it's for you.

What Clients Have Said


"Yes It was an excellent session! Your skills and knowledge on deep psychology are very advanced Darragh. Your very accurate and to the point. Prob more so than you actually realise yourself. Not just from an energy point of view.
I can see you going down the road of talk thearpy In a much bigger way - meaning that side of your work is going to get very popular for you. Just my opinion.
Yes I’m now just beginning to understand how to choose what’s right for me. How to judge what makes me feel better as a person in what feels natural and calming to me."

"For me, just having someone to talk to about the stuff we discussed was very beneficial in itself. It definitely helped that you are easy to talk to and make it feel safe. You helped me see certain things in my life differently and I've been implementing the advice since. Your enthusiasm shines through. For example, it was obvious that you were delighted when I told you of my changes on our second session. I find it intriguing when someone like you can read so much about a person in such a short amount of time, even telling me stuff I don't know about myself."

Online Coaching Client:

This Work Is For You If...

You have decided you want some positive change in life and you want professional guidance and support to do the work necessary these changes your reality.

You want to develop discipline and commitment to yourself and your goals so that you can apply these principles and skills to create positive results in your wellbeing.

You want to know what are the best methods and principles that if applied can bring about the greatest changes in your life. 

Really this is about getting clear on what you want and having the resources to create this for yourself.

What The Work Involves

A month long container for you to be supported in the areas of your life that you are being challenged at the moment so you can create greater freedom and clarity in your life.

- x 4 weekly coaching calls of 60mins 

- Email support in between calls

- Other tools and resources that support your transformation.

Benefits Of The Work

  • Quietening The Mind

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Being Healthier And More Comfortable In Your Body

  • Being More Confident As A Man

  • Connecting With Your Heart

  • Developing Discipline and Commitment

  • Having Resources For Greater Wellbeing

  • Improved Relationships

  • Healing Trauma

  • Greater Resilience In Body And Mind 

  • Having More Freedom In Your Life

Want To Apply For Wellbeing Coaching For Men?

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