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Misneach: A Community For Men

A space for men to come back into conscious community with fellow men.

Having the support of other men to evolve and to show up in our lives and relationships with greater honesty, courage and presence.

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 Who's It For?

​ This is for men who are willing to show up, to explore their inner world, their purpose and understanding of what it is to "be a man" in this world today.

 This is our responsibility as men and we can't do it alone.

It's for men who want to access, receive and share the support that is available on this journey with other men committed to this journey.

It is for men of all backgrounds and belief systems, ages and race.

The basic requirement is that you are willing to show up to with the intention of learning about yourself and growing in community alongside other men.

This is about being committed to doing the work necessary to remember who we are as men and how we want to lead and live.

And that you read and are in alignment with the community values below.

The Intention


The intention behind creating this community for men is to unite men of all descriptions on common ground - exploring what it is to show up in the world as men today, and to be supported by the community to navigate potential challenges that may arise within us, our lives and relationships as we do.


It is a space to cultivate community and personal development simultaneously.

What's Included?

75 mins weekly gatherings online where we meet together as men and show up to be supported and to support other men in our exploration of who we are as men.


Each week we will centre around a specific topic related to our wellbeing as men.

Firstly I will open the space by welcoming each man and giving a structure to our evening together as well as doing some simple grounding exercises to set the tone for our gathering.

Then we will each check in as men and share where we are and what we are arriving with (this can be a couple of words or a few minutes, your choice).

I will open the topic a bit more in response to the sharing round and then offer a couple of journal prompts that each man can answer on paper as a way of diving deeper into how this topic shows up in our lives.

There will be another sharing round to bring in how that experience was and what we learnt.

Finally I will do a grounding exercise for us to land and integrate the experience before we close the gathering.


Community Values:

Integrity within yourself and to the commitment to other men in the community. How we show up matters, we come in sober to each gathering and with a willingness to support each other's learning and growth.

That the confidentiality of the men and the work in our community is upheld by not sharing any information about men outside the community.

Honour of where you are at and the journey of the other men, we are here to support each other and be supported on our journey.

Humility in realising that no man is better or worse than us, we are all on our unique journeys and we refrain from judging other men for where they are at and what their reality is.

Responsibility for our own wellbeing, this is not therapy nor a replacement for medical service. In this work we will be challenged and it is the responsibility of each man to have the resources to navigate this.

Being honest in how we show up for each gathering and cultivating this honesty through our self exploration.

These values are the foundation on which a healthy community is built, they allow for safety and trust to be created in our community and are what allows us to do the work as men and to show up ourselves and each other as we evolve our lives.

If you are not willing to uphold these values then this community is not for you.

What's The Commitment & Investment To Join?

Each weekly gathering is offered on a pay what you can afford basis.

There is no weekly commitment.

In the near future this will change to a monthly subscription which will include more resources for your journey.

You can book through the link below.


I look forward to supporting you along your journey and growing alongside you should you decide to join this community.

Le Misneach,



Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. ~ Anais Nin

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