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Sound Healing


What Is This Work?

Sound healing is the conscious use of sounds and frequencies that bring about positive changes in our wellbeing and perspective. It is the use of various instruments to bring a person into an inner journey that leads to greater healing, awareness and expansion of consciousness.

Some of the findings are related to reduced heart rate and blood pressure, decreased anxiety, improved sleep, nitric oxide release, deep relaxation, cellular healing, reduction in physical pain and many more.

My own interest in sound healing awoke during my own healing journey with a sound healer in Brazil where I experienced firsthand how powerful sound was at guiding me into inner states and allowing me to understand myself and symptoms in a way that allowed healing to take place.

After that experience I dived into the world of sound and over the past few years have studied it's uses both from a scientific standpoint and also from an experiential framework.

This led me to study with sound practitioners abroad who really have a reverence for this work and also a combined experience of over 100 years working in the field inclusive of in medical institutions.

For me sound is a medicine and when used with the right intention, purpose and dosage then it can bring about profound healing and insight.

This is how I approach this work, by listening to you and your desires from the work I can find the instruments and sounds that will support you achieving whatever it is you want from the work.


1:1 Sound Healing Session


In the initial session we have a chat to find out what you want from the session and how we can best support that.


Through specific hands on work and simple breathing techniques we set you up for your sound journey so you feel comfortable and safe for your journey.


Using both sound healing instruments and the voice we journey inwards to bring about healing on a physical, mental and emotional level,  various insights and a regulation of your nervous system.


You are guided back slowly into your body and surroundings , then we slowly integrate the experience and any insights that may have come up for you. You are given the tools and resources to carry these benefits with you home.

Experience The Power Of This Work For Yourself

Group Sound Healing Journey


We gather as a group to meet, connect and create the container for our individual and group journey together.


Through simple breathing practice and gentle movement patterns we set the intention for the journey ahead. 


Lying comfortably we go on an inward journey supported by sound healing instruments and voice to expand our consciousness.




We come home into our bodies and into relation to ground our journey together.

We each use abstract art and sharing to integrate our experiences individually and collectively.

Book Your Sound Healing Journey

  • Do I Need To Bring Anything To The Session And What Should I Wear?
    There is nothing specific that you need to bring to the session, in terms of clothing it's suggested to bring comfortable and loose fitting clothes. (Blankets and eye pillows will be provided if you want them) The session takes place lying down in a comfortable position, lying on your back is the primary position which allows for the instruments to be placed on the body for the session.
  • Are There Any Contraindications To Sound Healing Sessions?
    Sound Healing is not indicated: During pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks. (This is for sound healing instruments on the body). If you suffer from sound induced epilepsy. Please consult your doctor to ensure you are in no danger of seizure from sound vibrations. Have any implanted heart pacemaker, stent or shunt (This is for sound healing instruments on the body/near the implant). If you have an open wound or scar that is not yet healed. If you have deep vein thrombosis in the leg or known thrombi, acute inflammations or tumours. If you are in any of the categories above then it is important that you inform me before any session take place.
  • What Instruments Do You Use?
    I use various sound healing instruments including 12 metal singing bowls, monochord, buffalo drum, voice, rain stick, chimes and tuning forks to support your journey. Each instrument serves a specific purpose to guide your journey and to support your own inner exploration and healing.
  • What Is The Integration Work At The End Of The Gathering?
    We use abstract art, which is using oil pastels on blank paper to connect with our journey in a way that's felt and not thought about. This is done in silence following the instruments playing and gives us an insight into the subconscious processes and an anchor point for our share to understand and integrate our journeys.
  • Do You Use Your Voice In A Session?
    I use my voice to promote the sound healing effect, this involves overtone singing and chanting and may include melodic singing with the instruments. If you'd prefer to not have any of this then that's perfect, I will just use the instruments and we will discuss this before the session.

Want To Know More Before You Invest In Yourself?

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