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Sports Massage
Athlone, Roscommon

Hands On Bodywork To Release Tension And Pain In Your Body And Allow You To Move With Greater Freedom In Your Life.


Hello, I'm Darragh Sheehy and I've worked with people experiencing pain or injury for over 10 years.

My background is as a Physiotherapist and I've helped many people experiencing physical pain or tension understand it's origin and release it.

The work I offer here is a culmination of all that I've learnt over many years of doing this work to support greater physical wellbeing in your life and feel the impact that has on your greater health.


What The Work Involves


A chat about what you're coming in with and how you would like me to help you. 


 A simple movement screen to see where you are restricted and how we can work to release that.

Hands On Treatment

A blend of trigger point therapy and soft tissue massage to identify the areas of tension, restriction and pain in your body and to release them.

This work is done without massage oils by working directly through clothing or on the skin.


We discuss the session and I help you understand what caused the pain/tension.

The movement screen is repeated to observe any changes.

We establish a plan to continue to support your physical wellbeing moving forwards.

Book A Session

  • Do I Need To Bring Anything To The Session And What Should I Wear?
    There is nothing specific that you need to bring to the session, in terms of clothing it's suggested to bring comfortable and loose fitting clothes. (Blankets and eye pillows will be provided if you want them) The session takes place lying down in a comfortable position, lying on your back is the primary position which allows for the instruments to be placed on the body for the session.
  • Are There Any Contraindications To Sound Healing Sessions?
    Sound Healing is not indicated: During pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks. (This is for sound healing instruments on the body). If you suffer from sound induced epilepsy. Please consult your doctor to ensure you are in no danger of seizure from sound vibrations. Have any implanted heart pacemaker, stent or shunt (This is for sound healing instruments on the body/near the implant). If you have an open wound or scar that is not yet healed. If you have deep vein thrombosis in the leg or known thrombi, acute inflammations or tumours. If you are in any of the categories above then it is important that you inform me before any session take place.
  • What Instruments Do You Use?
    I use various sound healing instruments including 12 metal singing bowls, monochord, buffalo drum, voice, rain stick, chimes and tuning forks to support your journey. Each instrument serves a specific purpose to guide your journey and to support your own inner exploration and healing.
  • What Is The Integration Work At The End Of The Gathering?
    We use abstract art, which is using oil pastels on blank paper to connect with our journey in a way that's felt and not thought about. This is done in silence following the instruments playing and gives us an insight into the subconscious processes and an anchor point for our share to understand and integrate our journeys.
  • Do You Use Your Voice In A Session?
    I use my voice to promote the sound healing effect, this involves overtone singing and chanting and may include melodic singing with the instruments. If you'd prefer to not have any of this then that's perfect, I will just use the instruments and we will discuss this before the session.
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